Monkey-free & Earth-friendly coconut water

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Coconutwater that transforms Thailand

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— means "Hooray!" in Thai.

used to express joy, and celebrate life

We are a passionate "food for impact" company with the aim to become carbon neutral by 2030. Our goal is to enable consumers around the world to enjoy high quality food from Thailand while making sure that we make a difference through our supply-chain by default -- local community development and wildlife conservation. No monkey!

Our expertise is working directly with farmers and ensure the best quality of raw ingredients, healthy product development, High Pressure Processing(HPP), private labeling, and connecting products to the global market.

Our why


"Chaiyo" supports sustainable agriculture transition among Thai farmers -- to prevent deforestation from conventional farming practice.

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Uplift farmer communities

"Chaiyo" connects Thai farmers to a fair trade market -- not only just coconut farmers but farmers around Thailand through Happy Grocers network.

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Consumer Health

"Chaiyo" is committed to brining the most natural products to consumers around the world.

No artificial sugars.

No preservatives.

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We leverage the international supply-chain to drive sustainable agriculture in Thailand.

"Biodiversity" is our guiding star at Chaiyo. We work directly with Thai farmers to support organic farmers and the transition for farmers into organic farms. Our coconuts are harvested by human. There is no use of monkey in our production.

We also holistically look at our operation to ensure we reduce our carbon footprints everywhere possible while off-setting our footprints through conservation efforts in Thailand.


"Coconut water is one of nature’s superfoods when it comes to hydration!

It contains electrolytes like magnesium, potassium, calcium, and sodium, which are an amazing way to rehydrate the cells and maintain fluid balance in the body,

especially after an intense workout."

Samantha Häberli

Plant-Based Holistic Nutritionist

Founder of The Earthling Cafe

& Earthling Consulting

100% Natural

No artificial sugar

No additives

How do we do that?

High Pressure Processing!

HPP allows us to lock in the nutrients and freshness of our coconuts through pressure and without heat.

Chef Sam x Chaiyo Recipes

Strawberry infused

coconut water

Chaiyo coconut water, forest berries, lemon

Coconut Iced Coffee

Chaiyo coconut water,

cold brew coffee, coconut flesh

Coconut Kale Smoothie

Chaiyo coconut water, kale, spinach, cucumber, pineapple, orange, chia seeds

Coconut Butterfly Pea

Chaiyo coconut water, butterfly pea ice cubes, butterfly pea tea, lemon juice

Coconut Pineapple Smoothie

Chaiyo coconut water,

coconut milk, pineapple

Berry infused coconut water

Chaiyo coconut water,

forest berries, lemon


Chaiyo Roadmap

2020 - 2021

The beginning

Started in the midst of the COVID pandemic, Happy Grocers grew to become Bangkok's favorite sustainable food startup with the goal to connect consumers to agricultural products while ensuring sustainable agriculture, eco-friendly packaging, minimal waste, and fair trade.

Our goal is to create a sustainable food supply-chain in Thailand.

But, there is just one problem..

We manage to feed 1,000 consumers on a weekly basis with 100 farmers. Yet, to transform Thailand into a sustainable food nation, we will need to work with at least 300,000 farmers(which is still a fraction!).

That's when we realized we need to do this at a bigger scale.



"Chaiyo" was born from a mission to connect Thai farmers to the fair international market for healthy and sustainable food -- starting with coconut water.

We would love to bring the highest quality and the most natural products to consumers around the world. We do this while ensuring sustainable supply-chain and wellbeing of our producers.

April 2022

Soft launch at the EU Sustainable Food & Craft Market

See video here.

September 2022

Official appearance at Impact Now: Sustainable Enterprise Showcase & Multi-chamber Networking.

Learn more here.

⭐️ October - December 2022 ⭐️

Europe and UK tour:

to raise awareness about Chaiyo, learn more how we can serve you best, and research about sustainability practices in the region







The United Kingdom


Thai farmer's movement to sustainable agriculture

Lead by Khun Joe and Khun Ae, our "Smart Farmer" team is powered by Thai farmers with an expertise in computer engineering and ISO standard auditing. We have figured out the key to efficiency of sustainable coconut farming that does not compromise the European Union Organic standards.

Organic agriculture & healthy soil


Zero waste

Natural pest control & weed management

Protect pollinators


The goal is to support the transformation to organic coconut farms with local farmers in Ratchaburi region to be European Union Organic certified.


Carbon Neutral Supply-chain


Organically grown coconut farmers

Solar powered factory

Zero waste to landfill supply-chain

Offset our carbon footprint through "Chaiyo Impact Fund" to support farmers through sustainable agriculture transition & connect to fair trade market.

Children of farmers continue higher education


Join the "Chaiyo" movement!

Commercial partners, researchers, sustainability experts, tech for good, volunteers, and more :)

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Good food for you and the planet.

Based in Thailand

Available worldwide soon

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